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Precision Brass Die Casting

Brass forgings are quality parts, comparing favorably in material integrity, dimensional tolerance and surface finish with products made using other major metalworking processes.

Forged materials have superior density and freedom from flaws.

Forming under heat and pressure in precise closed dies produces consistent dimensional accuracy.

Excellent surface finish with a clean lustrous appearance is readily available with brass forgings.making aluminum die casting the fastest technique available for producing precise aluminum & aluminum alloy parts.

Advantages of Brass Die Casting

  • Economical process offering a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Can provide integral fastening elements as part of the design
  • CNC Machining can be used to further refine the design, if needed
  • Brass Die Cast parts are strong and have a long life span
  • Complex shapes with high dimensional accuracy and stability than other mass production processes
  • Aluminum Die Cast parts can be manufactured with smooth or textured surfaces
  • Aluminum Die Cast parts can be easily anodized, painted or powder coated with minimal surface preparation

Our Brass Die Casting Capabilities Include:

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