Hiring & working with a contract manufacturing company

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Finding Reliable Contract Manufacturing Services

A good contract manufacturing service provider, will provide a wide range of services: supplier identification, price negotiation, supply management, quality control management, logistics and shipment management, import/export management and more.
Working with a contract manufacturing company can make it easier to manage the entire sourcing process from end-to-end–that is from finding a manufacturing supplier who has capabilities to manufacture your parts and can meet your quality and lead time specifications, right through having your goods delivered to your door. Sourcing service providers charge certain fees for managing purchase transactions, but there are many advantages to using a contract manufacturing provider as opposed to sourcing manufacturing on your own:
  1. Removing Language Barriers: Let’s face it, a language barrier can be the first and most difficult hurdle when trying to source manufacturing in foreign countries. Add misunderstandings that can arise from cultural differences, and the thought of sourcing overseas manufacturing can fall flat before you’ve even had a chance to explore whether this sourcing strategy can provide benefits. A quality sourcing company has people on staff that can communicate effectively–with you and the overseas suppliers who will be making your goods. They understand the culture, know what holidays are observed and which ones may interrupt production.
  2. Local Offices: A manufacturing sourcing company with people on the ground in the countries where manufacturing is sourced can prevent many problems. Not only will they be able to communicate effectively with suppliers, they will have the ability to visit production facilities often, audit quality standards and will know far more about a supplier’s company than a sourcing supplier without any foreign presence.
  3. Identifying Suppliers: A contract manufacturing service provider can relieve you of the hassle of identifying and verifying suppliers. Contract manufacturing companies with experience can quickly identify a supplier who can best meet your needs. They know which companies possess the capability to manufacture your parts, have visited and audited the production facilities, and know which suppliers have the best track record for quality and on-time tooling and production.
  4. Managing Quality: Managing the quality control process is vital when using suppliers to produce your parts. A good contract manufacturing supplier will have systems in place to check the quality of the products being produced. From the quality of the raw materials to production methods and part inspections, a good quality control program is essential for successful off-shore sourcing of manufacturing.
  5. Logistics: Working with an experienced contract manufacturing company can lead to lower shipping rates over sourcing the manufacturing on your own. A good sourcing company will work hard to not only identify the best rates for containerized shipping, but will also consolidate your parts order with other orders where only a partial container is necessary. Consolidating smaller orders in containers can lead to big savings, either in the shipping rates overall, or by eliminating the need to order and keep in inventory larger part orders than needed.
  6. Import/Export Services: One of the most daunting considerations for companies exploring manufacturing sourcing is the import/export process. A sourcing company can navigate the complicated process of fees and permits, and help expedite the import/export process.
  7. Domestic Operations: It is advantageous to make sure your sourcing company has the means by which to offer value-added services, such as parts commonization, final machining, assembly, coatings, painting or anodizing. This ensures your parts are ready to go, whether it’s a final piece, or needed in production of your product.
  8. Inventory Management:  A sourcing company that offers inventory management and warehousing solutions can save you money on managing the inventory yourself. A good contract manufacturer will offer part releases with  JIT shipping for your convenience.

MES, Inc. is a full-service provider of global contract manufacturing services.   Our value to our customers is our ability to manage the entire Supply Chain Management process, from sourcing, manufacturing, export/import, logistics and warehousing solutions. We take great pride in our ability to reduce manufacturing and tooling costs and manufacturing lead times for our customers worldwide. Contact us today to find out more and to see how we can save you time and money on manufactured components and supply chain management.