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June 13, 2013
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Warehousing and Inventory Solutions – MES, Inc.
June 24, 2013
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Die Casting – Die Cast Solutions For Lighting Industry

Global Manufacturing-Die Casting for the lighting industry

Global Manufacturing-Die Casting for the lighting industry

Whether your company produces thousands of lights for a new high-rise or street lights for a small community, finding the right die cast manufacturers can, often times, be difficult. You can save money by buying manufactured parts for your products from countries like China, India, or Mexico, but do you have the time or resources to search hundreds of companies to find what you are looking for?

Let MES partner with you to bring your orders to your door step and provide just-in-time supply chain management solutions.  Because we can get what you need when you need it, there is no need to stock up for later.

You save warehouse and inventory management costs. As supply agents, we can get high-volume discounts for your small to mid-sized orders. And, because this is our specialty, we deal with manufacturers around the world who can use a variety of manufacturing methods to produce the exact type of die casting for lighting Industry.

Die casting for lighting industry- This is a great way to work with aluminum alloys, zinc or copper. The finished product has excellent dimensional accuracy and some need little machining to finish it. This method can turn out fine, ornate fixtures with less expense.

Lighting Die Casting results in aluminum lights that are non-toxic and lightweight. They are also non-corrosive and well-suited for outdoor use. Die cast aluminum imitating cast iron is particularly sought after for street or outside lights, but they make fine chandeliers and wall lamps, too.

There are other methods of working with aluminum that are similar to die casting.

  • Permanent mold casting or gravity casting. This is a process much like die casting except that some small changes make it easier to work with lighter metals. Because these fixtures are so light, they are great for ceiling fixtures or any area where you don’t want to hang a lot of weight.
  • Liquid forging. This is a hybrid of forging and casting processes that produces high-integrity aluminum products such as heat sinks for LED lights.

Each of these methods of casting aluminum for lighting has its own advantages. While each is best for different types of fixtures, each process results in products that are well made and popular with the public. We can show you how to save money with out-of-country sourcing for any die cast or cast aluminum light products you need.

MES, Inc. is a full-service provider of global contract manufacturing services.  Our value to our customers is our ability to manage the entire Supply Chain Management process, from sourcing, manufacturing, export/import, logistics and warehousing solutions.

We take great pride in our ability to reduce manufacturing and tooling costs and manufacturing lead times for our customers worldwide.

Contact us today to find out more and to see how we can save you time and money on manufactured components and supply chain management.