Global Quality Improvement Update

Improved inspection line concept

In July 2015, we wrote about the visit of our Quality and Gauging Engineer to China as part of MES’ Global Quality Improvement Initiative.   This initiative aimed to help our suppliers improve quality processes, increase efficiency, and lower costs, and we are very proud to share with you some of the results that have come about from these efforts.

One of our most promising suppliers located in the Jiangsu province, who specializes in aluminum die-casts for the automotive and lighting industries, brought substantial improvements to their finishing and inspection line layout.

Finishing and inspection line 2

Supplier’s initial finishing and inspection line layout.

MES had suggested a series of improvements to the inspection process including: introducing a conveyor belt line to move the parts through inspection, better lighting to facilitate the visual inspection of the parts from operators, partitioning of parts into inspection quadrants, inspection by criteria by different operators, posting of quality alerts next to inspectors, distinct scrap bins, detailed quality inspection labels, etc.
At MES, we believe we can be only as good as our suppliers and were very pleased to find the majority of our suggestions implemented this month.
We are very proud of the relationships we are developing with our suppliers, and we are sure that the Global Quality Improvement Initiative will continue to bring quality improvements to our parts, lower manufacturing times, and ultimately, bring more savings to our clients!