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January 25, 2018
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February 27, 2018
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Iron Casting – Terex Canica Model 2000

Terex Canica 2000 is a crushing impeller which is used to crush items into smaller sizes. Rocks, concrete chunks, and other hard items enter Canica via the feed tube. This application needed very specific engineering specifications:

a] Iron casting with precise Cr control which contributes to the feed tubes high abrasion resistance and durability for this type of application. In fact, the main reason customer sourced this part from MES is because the previous supplier could not control Cr within 2%.

b] Hardness of 53HRC + 10 HRC in as cast condition is also difficult to achieve without causing cracks. The process must have good and controlled cooling cycle to achieve the required hardness

c] Paint – Application required coating which had to import from the US into China for prototypes but would be available for production. MES is utilizing its network of trading and supply chain capabilities to ensure the proper paint will be available for production. PPAP and Pilot parts were submitted with equivalent paint application.

Terex Canica Model 2000 was not an easy project and MES likewise faced many production challenges. The first batch we produced did not meet 2% requirement of Cr. Hole pattern on the 22” PCD on the initial production was also undersized; Material shrinkage had to be adjusted as well. After repeated tests and analysis, and with close cooperation between MES process and quality engineers and supplier, MES was able to produce the accurate parts. The customer was able to directly put this into operation and a final coating of paint.