Meeting Challenges: Delivering Engineering Solutions

Manufacturing Lead Times

How the Impossible Becomes Possible

At MES we take pride in doing everything to accommodate our clients no matter how hard the task at hand is. As a matter of fact, the harder the challenge, the higher the incentive and excitement to find a viable solution.

In September of this year, one of our oldest customer presented our Sales Manager with the hardest challenge to date: to find a way to deliver 171,000 aluminum die-cast powder coated parts in less than 8 weeks. Other national and international suppliers quoted an average of 12 weeks lead time for the construction of the tool.

Mobilizing the Sourcing Manager in China and engaging our most trustworthy suppliers, MES was able to finish the first tool in 28 days and the second in another 22 at 1/3 of the cost quoted by the national suppliers.

Engineered Manufacturing Solutions
This success comes to prove that:

  1.  China not only remains the best alternative in term of cost but that they are  unbeatable as far as lead times are concerned.
  2. The promise MES makes to both clients and suppliers to offer “win-win solutions” works.

Fostering relationships with our suppliers based on respect and trust with our suppliers will yield excellent results for our customers.