New MES Business Brings Supply Chain Advantages to Europe

MES, Inc. has established a new business unit to facilitate its supply chain and inventory management services for European customers. The new company, Euro Metrics Sp. z o.o., is headquartered in Zielona Góra, Poland. It will operate initially from a third-party warehouse located in Chociule, Poland and managed by Schnug Polska Sp. z o.o.

“The selection of this warehouse represents the next stage in a strategic plan by MES to extend its supply chain services to European customers and to North American customers doing business in the Euro marketplace,” according to Hiten Shah, Chief Executive Officer for MES, Inc.

“The Schnug warehouse facility meets all of the capabilities we need for warehousing, IT system support and transportation,” Shah stated. “In addition, Schnug has proved to be very flexible and quick to react, which is aligns with our core value of meeting our customers’ expectations for fast turnaround in inventory management.”

The Schnug facility provides several value-added services such as sorting, packaging, degreasing and small assembly. The location of the Chociule facility puts it in close proximity to Euro Metrics’ home office in Zielona Góra, with access to main highways. This is essential for Euro Metrics to fulfill its target of three working days’ lead time for delivering products to customers across Europe.

“We understand how to build and nurture long-term customer-supplier relationships,” Shah explained. “By meeting our delivery promises, assuring that quality targets are met, and finding solutions to help our customers hold down their logistics and inventory costs, we’ve experienced dramatic growth in North America. Now we’re bringing that same ‘win-win’ dynamic to European customers through Euro Metrics.”

Euro Metrics is currently adding supply chain and quality control specialists to its full-time operations team.

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