Global Quality Improvement Initiative

Oversea Quality Improvement - MES Global Suppliers

To provide the best quality and lower manufacturing costs, MES is working directly with suppliers to improve quality processes, increase efficiency, and lower costs.

MES team members Steve and Jose, from our US Headquarters and our Mexico Team, recently visited our suppliers in China to test new processes with the goal of improving part quality and streamlining the production process. This effort involved the entire team on the supplier side, including plant supervisors, chemical engineers, production team members, and even included engineers from our clientele, as well as MES China and India teams.

While conducting these visits, we are proud to say that our suppliers were extremely flexible and willing to work with our teams to try new ideas and processes. At multiple plants, our suppliers were willing to temporarily shut down production to try new practices, while involving the entire production team in the process. The suppliers even committed to purchasing new equipment to ensure similar quality across all of our supplier partners.

Steve and Jose found out about some great techniques only being used by some suppliers, and are working with our other suppliers to make these practices universal. As well, they are working to create check-fixtures for parts and ensuring that quality standard sheets are being implemented at all of our supplier locations. Steve is also responsible for innovating clever new ways to include model numbers and production dates on parts, which were quickly implemented into the production

We are very proud of the relationships we are developing with our suppliers, and we are sure that the work done both on this trip and into the future will help improve the overall quality of our parts, lower manufacturing times, and bring more savings to our clients!