Business Growth and Quality Drive Euro Metrics Expansion

Euro Metrics
  • Euro Metrics Sp. z.o.o recently completed an expansion that included new plant equipment to bring essential quality control functions in-house.
  • Euro Metrics can now perform all necessary Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) inspections at its warehousing facility in Zielona Góra, Poland.
  • The rapid growth of Euro Metrics’ business – in only its first year of operations – has made this expansion necessary.

Euro Metrics Sp. z o.o recently completed an expansion that accommodates the company’s growing management team and its quality control capabilities.
A business unit of MES, Inc., Euro Metrics was established in 2018 to provide supply chain and inventory management services to businesses throughout Europe. According to Jakub Danisz, Europe Business Development Manager for Euro Metrics, “The solid growth of Euro Metrics’ business – in only its first year of operations – has made this expansion necessary.”

The Euro Metrics expansion involved three phases: purchasing new equipment to bring more quality control capabilities in-house, adding new team members and moving to a new office space.

Capital Expansion
To increase its in-house quality control capabilities, Euro Metrics purchased equipment to perform more quality control inspections on products coming into the warehouse. The new equipment allows Euro Metrics to measure product dimensions, threads, and angles to conform with Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) inspection standards.

Danisz explained, “Previously, we had to meet PPAP requirements by sending new parts to the United States for inspection. Now we can complete all PPAP inspections at our Zielona Góra warehouse and report the results faster to customers.”

Team Expansion
Less than a year ago, the management staff supporting Euro Metrics’ warehousing functions consisted of one person. Today the Euro Metrics management team consists of four people and, according to Danisz, “We are looking to add at least two more people immediately to our management team. As we add new customers – most recently, Thyssen Krupp – we will continue to fortify our management staff.”

Facility Expansion
To accommodate the growth of its management team, Euro Metrics has moved into a new office space located in Zacisze Park, a newly developed business center on the outskirts of Zielona Góra, Poland.

 Growth Drives the Expansion
The rapid growth of Euro Metrics was anticipated, according to Hiten Shah, CEO for MES, the parent company of Euro Metrics.

MES is headquartered in the United States with operations in several countries, including China, India, and Mexico. MES provides logistics and inventory management services to North American customers in the lighting, automotive, electronics, heavy equipment, and agriculture industries.

Shah said, “The rapid growth we have experienced at Euro Metrics comes as no surprise. As EU customers realize the potential advantages of outsourcing more of their manufacturing and warehousing operations, they are looking for partners like Euro Metrics with the connections and experience to help them maximize the return on their outsourcing investment.

“Global outsourcing makes good business sense when you’re teamed with the right manufacturing and supply chain providers,” Shah explained. “Instead of having to assemble their own global supply chain network, EU companies are finding in Euro Metrics an outsourcing option that is ready-made for business success.

“Euro Metrics’ growth confirms that,” Shah added. “This expansion only helps us do what we have been doing better.”

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