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January 7, 2016

Manufacturing Today- MES, INC

MES is proud to announce that MES featured in this month’s issue of Manufacturing Today. President and CEO, Hiten Shah, talks about the challenges of global sourcing and supply chain management, the importance of the emerging markets, the bid on Mexico and sustainable growth. Read the full article  
December 18, 2015

MES included in Business First- Top 5 biggest minority-owned businesses

MES is proud to announce today that it has been named to the Top of the list: Biggest minority- Owned Businesses. – See more at: MES ranked No. 4 minority-owned business in Central Ohio serves customers all over the country and the world. MES helps develop custom engineered solutions by leveraging global manufacturing resources and implementing comprehensive supply chain solutions. We do this by following five distinct steps including finding and auditing suppliers, developing their quality systems, consolidating shipments at various ports, performing domestic value added operations and warehousing near customers and shipping on Just-In-Time basis  
December 8, 2015

Miami University worked on two academic projects for MES

MES, Inc., as a full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management, focused on expanding academic research and providing more opportunity to students. Two groups of students from Miami University worked on projects for MES and presented their findings on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd. The first project was an in-depth dive into the die casting market in Mexico.  Students were challenged to analyze the current die casting market trends in that region compared to other global regions; including production, raw material costs, and growth in various industries. The students did a fantastic job in taking MES supplier requirements and applying that during their supplier search.  They were able to find several quality suppliers, ranking them in tiers by their location and their capabilities as they apply to the MES business model. The second project was to research and enhance MES’s current packaging and labeling requirements.  The students were asked to review the […]
November 19, 2015
White Paper Launch - China vs India

China vs. India. A Sourcing Experience

MES is proud to announce the launch this month of our first White Paper, called “China vs. India. A Sourcing Experience”. The White Paper Series is meant to share with our stakeholders some of the lessons learned and pain points from our vast global sourcing and supply chain management experience. “China vs. India. A Sourcing Experience” answers some of the questions from our clients who have difficulties in modelling their global sourcing strategies, and deals with the tradeoffs they have to make in terms of price, quality and lead times. The slowdown of the Chinese economy and the critiques of India’s inefficiencies are deterring companies from pursuing sourcing in China and India. Our analysis comes to show that the two Asian countries remain, for the medium term, the manufacturing engine of the world economy and the best solution for most of our clients’ needs. MES plans to roll out a […]
November 18, 2015

MES presented at SCMSO-UT Austin

MES, INC President, Mr. Shah was invited to speak at University of Texas – Austin. He presented at SCMSO undergraduate organization. ( He also presented to Operations Fellows (MBA group) His presentation was well received by the students of both groups. It was a very engaging conversation where students led by asking a variety of questions. Some of them included: 1] What is Mr. Shah’s biggest challenge in growing the business? 2] Where does Mr. Shah spend most of his time? 3] Why would competitor not be able to surpass what MES does? 4] How do you encourage people to push themselves and fail? 5] How do you develop a culture of tolerance to trying out new things and failing at some? 6] Why do customers come to MES? 7] How did business get started? 7] What were biggest lessons from startup to now? 8] How big can the business […]