Quality Management

Quality Management

Managing the quality control process is vital when using suppliers to produce your parts. A good contract manufacturing supplier will have systems in place to check the quality of the products being produced. From the quality of the raw materials to production methods and part inspections, a good quality control program is essential for successful off-shore sourcing of manufacturing.

The MES Quality Difference

  • Engineering support at every supplier to ensure low PPM
  • In-person review by MES quality and sourcing engineers
  • Industry leading quality management system that provides precise measuring and inspections
  • Customer-approved tooling designed
  • Around the clock customer communications to ensure product accuracy
  • Best-in-class supply chain management services that focus on quality, efficiency and cost savings in every step

Tracking the tooling and manufacturing process

MES utilizes proven project management tools & APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) to track every step of the tooling & manufacturing process.

  • MES monitors & controls the tooling development & PPAP submission process with our suppliers
  • MES reviews critical specifications with customers, and relays information to suppliers at tooling kickoffs.
  • MES conducts supplier inspections to assure compliance with accurate methods and measurements
  • MES coordinates third-party checks of raw materials at independent labs
  • MES conducts in-person reviews by quality/sourcing engineers
  • MES monitors and communicates delivery timelines
  • MES develops customer-approved tooling designs

Working from best-in-class benchmarks

MES benchmarks its operations on a monthly basis against the best-in-class suppliers as indicated by Supply Chain Management Digest. We monitor the following factors and adjust our business every month so we are comparable to the best-in-class suppliers:

  • Order delivery to requested date % (On-time delivery %)
  • Quality Management (Defects PPM)
  • Finished Goods Inventory Days of Supply (Inventory)
  • Storage / Warehousing Costs as % of Sales