Community Involvement

MES Gives Back

Every year, MES plays an active role in working with local, national and global charities. From baking cookies at the Ronald McDonald House to preparing food at food pantries to donating time at YWCA.

As an organization, we make it a priority to give back and participate in local charitable events. We are proud to be part of so many local and national charities that helps unlock possibilities for the people we serve.

Toward the end of every year, MES provides employees $500 to donate to the charity of their choice. As the organization grows in personnel, so too makes the employee contributions. It has become an annual tradition for the last 11 years, and more than 50 charities have benefited from the generosity of MES.

Several local, national and global charities have benefited from our end-of-the-year company charitable match tradition. CEO, Hiten Shah, and CPO Heena Shah started this tradition over 11 years ago and continue to make it a priority for MES. While the employee charity contribution is once a year, MES has an active role in donating time and serving in the community throughout the year. Collecting food for the food bank, patriating in cancer research walks, working at the Ronald McDonald House, and many more!

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