Global Logistics

Global Logistics – On Time, Every Time

We carefully manage our customers global logistics process to save time and money. Our team of supply chain experts ensures your products not only ship on time, but deliver on time, every time.

  • We select the provide, consolidating orders on containers when possible
  • We manage the import & export process
  • We monitor port conditions and re-route shipments if necessary
  • We monitor and action through the customs requirements, paperwork & fees
  • We provide around the clock shipping updates to ensure on-time delivery
  • We provide around the clock customer support to ensure you satisfaction

MES Global Supply Chain

We have suppliers, warehouse and manufacturing facilities around the world, ranging from Mexico to Vietnam and China to India. MES delivers unsurpassed high-quality parts with uncompromising levels of precision. We deliver products on-time, every time, regardless of the final destination. Our global supply chain experts work around the clock to serve our customers, ensuring materials are delivered on-time. MES’s global reach enables us to provide faster delivers, quicker tooling lead-times, and lower cost casting, stamping, machining and forging solutions.