Global Reach

MES Global Network

We have suppliers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities around the globe, stretching from Mexico to Vietnam, and from China to India and more. Regardless of the product or ultimate destination, MES delivers not only part but uncompromising levels of precision, quality and dedication to the success of your next project. A genuine global reach enables MES to provide faster deliveries, quicker tooling lead-times, and lower-cost casting solutions.

The benefits of the MES global network are significant to the success of our clients’ supply chains.

What a global reach means to MES clients

  • More suppliers to review your program, thereby assuring superior product quality, precision, and cost-effective solutions
  • Strategic warehousing locations and a state-of-art inventory management system
  • Ongoing quality control audits of manufacturing facilities to assure that your products have been produced to conform within your specifications
  • Receiving around-the-clock communications and status updates to assure that your supply chain targets and timelines are maintained

MES goes where our clients are and where they need to be. We are constantly searching for the next big opportunity that is about to emerge – anywhere on Earth – so that our clients will be in a position to merchandise those opportunities and continually maximize the value of their global supply chains.